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Honoring Breakthroughs and Innovation

Awards and Honors

Chemical Science Award

  • Sebastian Stigler (Technical University of Munich)

 "NHC-stabilized Silyliumylidenes in Synthesis, Reactivity and Catalysis"


Poster Presentation Awards:

RSC Advances Award

  • Ryotaro Yamanashi (Nagoya University)

"Synthesis of linear trialumane and unsymmetrical dialumane by using Al anion"

BCSJ Award

  • M. Imex Aguirre Cardenas (University of California, Riverside)

"Synthesis of Silicon-Germanium and Germanium Adamantanes"


  • Fiona J. Kiefer (Technical University of Munich)

"Carbonylation of Silylated Disilenes"

​Chemistry Letters Young Researcher Award

  • Kevin M. Frankiewicz (Technical University of Munich)

"Synthesis and Dynamic Properties of mixed [SizGe9-z] Zintl Clusters"

  • Natsumi Hammyo (Hokkaido University)

"Development of donor-acceptor-type molecules bridged by oligosilanes prepared by iterative synthesis"

HPC Systems Award

  • Rin Tanizawa(Nagoya University)

 "Synthesis and Properties of Tetra(1-naphthyl)diborane(4)"

We are proud to celebrate the exceptional achievements of our participants at the ISMEC-2024.

Here are the distinguished awardees who have excelled in their respective fields.

Thank you to all participants and congratulations again to all our distinguished awardees!

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